Hello world!

No turning back now, right?

In an effort to get me creating more regularly, as well as sharing the work I have created and the thought process that goes into it all, I decided to create this blog. I see women who are so much busier than I am keep up their blogs, it’s time to jump into the fray. I will also share news from my life and once in a while, my take on what’s happening out in the world. But I promise not to preach. The only subject I will carry on about is the need for all women to find some way to exercise some creativity.

Right now I’m pretty jazzed that I get to introduce my husband to one of my favorite musicals tonight. Apparently, it’s the 50th anniversary of the Broadway premier of “West Side Story”, and Fathom Events is telecasting a live performance of  it to movie theaters around the country. We’ll go up to the IMAX theater in Woodridge to see it, should be even bigger than actual size. Bill hadn’t realized that “WSS” was based on Shakepeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” I admit I was influence by last night’s episode of “Glee”, but I have always adored the movie version. My alma mater, Luther College, also performed it my senior year. I don’t know how this telecast thing will go, but I hope Bill enjoys it. He’s generally pretty open to Broadway-type musicals.

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